A gorgeous video of Gaia, our Mother Earth. To me, She is worth dying for. She is dying because of our human race, isn’t she? Toxic chemicals. Deforestation. Melting ice caps. Mass extinction. HungerPoverty. Warfare. 

Let us all bring our awareness back to the roots, of what Mother Earth has as offerings for our race — The “I need” and “I want” mentality has taken over our planet. Material hunger. Mass-production. No satisfaction, always bigger, faster, stronger. See the natural, organic beauty in life. Notice what material cravings and financial status does to human beings. Abundance is all around. When you are ready to see that you have everything within yourSelf and you have enough to survive — there is room to flourish in other means besides financial worth.

Happiness, peace, love, wisdom, knowledge, breath — the key elements to bringing your awareness back to the present moment to notice the abundance that you’ve always had and will always have within and surrounding you every step through life.

Eternal Bliss*Love*Light

Always remember that the Universe is sending us messages.
Mother Nature is a powerful force but even in the most catastrophic disasters, we are all still able to rebuild and see life in a different perspective. Losing attachments, living gratefully, strengthening the weak… - Transformation of the Mind.

"The sakura tree - cherry blossoms started blooming exactly a month after the disaster. 
The plants are hanging in there so humans had better do it too.”

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) ~ read by Thich Nhat Hahn

Keep your heart open, wings spread wide, and passion for life burning within you.

The Universe works in such mysterious ways - one moment it presents you with a Great Gift that brings your bliss, the next moment the Gift becomes an obstacle seen negatively. The message from the Universe may be to show you your ultimate weakness - to conquer and soar above it with your Light shining bright over the world. And quite possibly, a Great Test of life, to show you that this is a mission to overcome in order to actually grasp that Great Gift that was exposed to you.
You’d be amazed when you finally see that the “bad” actually is to be for your benefit. 

(art: Adam Scott Miller’s “Pre-Sent Prescience”)

taken by Kevin Sarasom (via www.redmuse.ca)