Embrace your physical body, for this essence is here on this Earth for a journey. We are here as visitors to learn, teach, grow, and experience what is offered on this planet. Once your vessel leaves your physical body (also known as your vessel), your essence may take either paths - to completely detach itself completely from the body, or to return to the body with a gratefulness unable to grasp for others. Thank you Universe for the learning experience of ascending from the physical body. Thank you Universe for the blessing of returning back to the body. Thank you dear angel for watching over me, and guiding my essence back into the body. For when your essence is on this Earth, you are on a quest before the time of ascension. Live hard. Live inspired. Live lovingly. Thank you, Thank you.

"You may have to fight the battle more than once to win it."
Margaret Thatcher

Getting inspired, browsing the web, looking at amazing projects.  Overwhelmed.

This “7 Rules to Understand Designs and Designers” sums up the impossible and awakens me to the introduction of designing.